Smart City is the place where numerous technology vendors boost their solutions. Security vendors, telecom operators, IT vendors, energy & infrastructure operators and automation & building control providers want their own solutions with proprietary controlling and monitoring setup to rule the game. This leads to a combination of multiple systems with up to tens of control and monitoring displays on the wall and on tables of a control room. That’s 20th century way to play the game.

We live in an era of Internet and CyberLightning is leading the way into 3D Internet age. By combining IoT networks of various technology vendors to 3D Internet model of a Smart City we provide a unified, future proof, open source & open standards based control and monitoring user interface for Smart City operators and interest groups.

3D Smart City Solution


CyberLightning 3D Smart City Solution with CyberVille™ platform enables Smart City operators and technology vendors one unified and future Internet technology based controlling and monitoring user interface.

Via Smart City 3D model and with all various technology vendors’ solutions can be operated with one single user interface. The solution makes redundant tens of displays from the walls of a control center. Cyberlightning 3D Smart City Solution with CyberVille™ platform is available today with various licensing options.

3D User Interface Solution


CyberLightning provides 3D Internet based user interface for web and mobile use. We utilize new open standards for creating next generation user experiences.

CyberLightning 3D User Interface Solution with CyberVille™ optimizes the 3D rendering between the cloud and the end device and provides energy efficient and bandwidth optimized user experience. The core of CyberVille™ UI 3D rendering performance is our leading and in-house developed 3D Rendering Engine for mobile (and fixed location) devices. Current OS support includes Android, iOS, Tizen, Linux and Windows with Ubuntu Mobile & Firefox OS etc. in pipeline. Our 3D User Interface is interactive and real-time thus enabling intelligent controlling and monitoring of multiple Big Data sources via 3D Internet optimized 3D models.

3D Internet of Things Solution


Cyberlightning promotes open Internet Protocols also for sensor networks thus our solutions are not dependable on end-2-end IP traffic.

A Sensor network (6LoWPAN, ZigBee, ANT+, KNX etc.) is connected to CyberVille™ Mind via API and the data is intellectually manipulated for 3D use in mobile and web user interfaces. The network typology or the real world network itself can be modeled in 3D and the control and monitoring is performed with multiple end devices equipped with a single 3D User Interface. For Android device based sensor networks CyberLightning intelligent stack-gateway-server (5G) technology module is also available.

3D Model


CyberLightning provides multiple opportunities for 3D Internet optimized 3D modeling. CyberLightning open standards based technology modules enable also solid and automated 3D model creation for appointed purposes.

As a base material we can also utilize CAD models, laser scans and other 3D sources. Our strong expertise in real-time 3D visualization enables our customers the best quality performance and outlook combination. With CyberLightning the 3D model is designed from the start to meet the needs of various add-on features and functionalities. Over the time our customers can utilize the same 3D model in various fields of its operation: marketing use, simulation, collaboration, control and monitoring etc. The use of stereoscopic / stereographic 3D (3D displays & wearables) and plugin-less web browser support are examples of built in features in our solutions.

3D Big Data Solution


Historical Big Data or real time Big Data is intellectually manipulated with CyberVille™ Big Data Engine based on customer solution needs.

For light-weight solutions we utilized our in-house developed ultimately efficient and compact all-in-one module and for large-scale installations we provide an intelligently packaged Apache, Linux and Hadoop solution. Cyberlightning Big Data Engines are optimized for 3D user interfaces and various end devices. Cyberlightning Big Data Engines also operate as a bridge between data source and public Internet thus providing extra security for avoidance of hostile web attacks.

3D Visualization, Engineering and Consulting


Cyberlightning personnel has the leading expertise in domain area engineering and 3D visualization with newest Internet standards and technologies.

Our technical staff has also deep knowledge on all major programming languages and strong experience in software integration work and variable APIs.
CyberLightning management has decades of business experience in the field of 3D Internet, Internet of Things, online marketing (with Big Data) and mobile devices. We have operated with and advised tens of global tier-1 companies during past 2 decades.