CyberLightning Charts Path to Intelligent Internet of Everything With New Release of CyberVille® Platform

CyberLightning Charts Path to Intelligent Internet of Everything With New Release of CyberVille® Platform

CyberVille 2.0 Enhances Smart-Node to Cloud Scalability, Establishes Basis for Self-Learning Industrial IoT Networks   Espoo, Finland – April 23, 2015 – CyberLightning Ltd. today announced release 2.0 of the CyberVille® software platform, which provides a “see it at a glance” view, advanced READ MORE

CyberLightning’s Newsletter, Autumn 2014

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“See it at a Glance,” The New Era for the Industrial Internet of Things

I’ve been involved in the IoT since 2006. Since that time, the discussion has changed from M2M and protocol level topics to focus on heterogeneous machine and human systems and interoperability on higher levels. I think it is time again for the discussion READ MORE


CyberVille® Combines Big Data Processing and 3D Internet Technology in Powerful Platform for Monitoring and Control of Energy Networks and Smart City Infrastructure. CyberLightning Ltd., today introduced CyberVille®, a software platform for visual monitoring and control of the data and the physical assets READ MORE

CyberLightning tuo 3D-visualisoinnin teolliseen Internetiin (Industrial Internet of Things, IoT)

Oululainen CyberLightning Oy tuo markkinoille suomalaiseen ohjelmisto-osaamiseen pohjaavan, uuden sukupolven Internet-teknologiaan perustuvan ratkaisun, joka mahdollistaa teollisuudelle merkittäviä säästöjä ja tehostusta operatiiviseen toimintaan. CyberVille® yhdistää big datan käsittelyn ja 3D Internet -teknologian uuteen, tehokkaaseen ohjelmistoalustaan, mikä mahdollistaa mm. energiaverkkojen ja älykkäiden kaupunkiratkaisujen valvonnan ja READ MORE

Some Thoughts About Industrial Internet, IoT and M2M

Industrial Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) business area is growing very fast and it will be huge. The baby has many names – let us see, which one will be the final “umbrella name” and what kind READ MORE