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CyberLightning shows industrial Internet expertise at Slush

“The Oulu-based company CyberLightning’s main product is a software platform for the visual monitoring and control of both physical assets and data in the industrial IoT. Called CyberVille®, their product has a 3D visualisation and allows control of the network via a point-and-tap READ MORE

CyberLightning’s Newsletter, Autumn 2014

It’s our pleasure to tell you some news about our company. Read this newsletter and you will find out what’s going on here at the moment.

“See it at a Glance,” The New Era for the Industrial Internet of Things

I’ve been involved in the IoT since 2006. Since that time, the discussion has changed from M2M and protocol level topics to focus on heterogeneous machine and human systems and interoperability on higher levels. I think it is time again for the discussion READ MORE

Some Thoughts About Industrial Internet, IoT and M2M

Industrial Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) business area is growing very fast and it will be huge. The baby has many names – let us see, which one will be the final “umbrella name” and what kind READ MORE

Integrated 3D Internet and Internet of Things May Change Our Perception of the World

3D Internet gives the internet services and users a shape. Internet of Things connects the items of our environment and enables monitoring and maintenance over the internet. Integrated, 3D Internet and Internet of Things may change our perception of the world! What Is READ MORE

When the Internet Goes 3D (by The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site)

A look at the future of 3D Internet: expanding into education, business, medicine and beyond The Internet is having a mid-life crisis: Having just turned 40, it’s starting to go 3D. The transition is still in its early stages, but champions of the READ MORE