CyberVille® Demo Videos

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Increase Operational Efficiency with District Heating and Cooling (DHC) Management System Powered by the CyberVille® IoE / Industrial Internet Application Platform

Our future proof visualization system allows seeing all meaningful information at a glance to effectively operate district heating networks: operate in real-time and ensure instant recovery! By optimizing the heating network performance level with our predictive analytics solution, operators can react in advance on changing environmental / weather conditions.
Reduce the gap between end customer expectations and provided service level by generating goodwill and more sales with a new business model!

On the video below you can see Fortum’s Suomenoja Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant deployment in action:

CyberVille® Technology in monitoring, controlling and optimization of wind farms

To illustrate applications in the energy industry, we brought you here an operating wind farm close by our hometown Oulu, with sample data sets reporting operating status of individual wind mills and control points in the system. Viewed on a tablet, the visualization is so richly detailed that different rotation speeds of fan blades can be seen. This type of visual trigger alerts operators to a potential fault, which can then be verified by zooming in on specific data feeds.