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CyberVille is based on open-source, standards based Internet technology. It provides a multilayered 3D view of complex networks in the context of the real world where they are installed. The visualization is based on a combination of geographic information system (GIS) data sets and 3D models, along with all of the real time data feeds associated with the various objects that make up the network or networks under management.
CyberVille is architected around several components. The CyberVille Mind incorporates the Data Control and Collection Engine, the Big Data Processing Engine, and a suite of modules for different industry segments, such as energy, building automation, traffic management, etc. A core data processing module supports the diverse APIs of machine/sensor networks and manages data flow. An organization’s proprietary data as well as public data such as weather conditions are readily integrated and presented within the various visualization views.
The CyberVille UI translates data from the CyberVille Mind for presentation on client devices, including mapping of data sets with the CyberVille GIS module, which draws on publicly available GIS sources. All types of client side tablet and smartphone browsers are supported, including Android, Tizen, iOS, Firefox, Chrome, as well as traditional operating systems (Windows, Linux, OSX, etc.). The efficiency of the UI module is illustrated by typical performance on a smartphone, of up to one million polygons of real-time, interactive display.

Data Control and Collection EngineData Control and Collection Engine
CyberVille data collection is the one-stop-shop for publishing IoT sensor data, as well as subscribing into it. The service allows sensor networks to register and start publishing their data in a standardized form. At the same time various clients are able to start consuming the available data. The clients include CyberVille technology modules, such as Big Bata Processing Engine or individual clients directly. CyberVille Data Control and Collection Engine is your simple way of deploying your IoT networks.
5G BaseStation5G BaseStation
CyberLightning 5G BaseStation is the bridge between various types of sensor networks, and CyberVille Data Collection solution. The sensor networks are different across the chosen sensor hardware and it is exactly this spot what helps you with the deployment and automatic connection to the CyberVille Data Collection Engine. At the same time the 5G BaseStation homogenizes heterogeneous networks serving exactly the 5G paradigm to extend networking across network types.
Big Data Processing EngineBig Data Processing Engine
CyberVille Big Data Processing Engine connects directly to the Data Collection Engine for the ones who need it. There are often needs to processing the collected IoT sensor data into something more useful information, whether that is weather forecasts or traffic surveillance. CyberVille Data Processing Engine is extendable meaning that processing plugins can be rapidly implemented for new types of input data or algorithms.
Mobile 3D Rendering EngineMobile 3D Rendering Engine
The fastest mobile graphics engine around. CyberLightning industrial use optimized Mobile 3D Rendering Engine harmonizes graphics deployment for various target devices. Do 3D once, and let the engine deliver it for Windows 7/8, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Tizen, iOS etc. A high polygon throughput, fully dynamic lighting and energy efficiency are the foundations of the 3D Rendering Engine.
3D Map / Geographical Information System (GIS)3D Map / Geographical Information System (GIS)
Quite often the context needed by the IoT or Smart City solutions are somewhat related to the geographical location. CyberVille GIS/3D Maps allows you to do this linking in 3D space. The service includes a toolset for importing various types of geographical content hence automatically constructing the 3D map. At the same time reference HTML5 and native clients are provided for straightforward integration.
3D Offline Presenter3D Offline Presenter
There are often needs to showcase and use 3D spaces also offline. Simulations, processes and 3D equipment & environments need to be presented occasionally in places with no Internet connection. Cyberlightning 3D Offline Presenter handles that with no problem. The presentation tool also allows you to transform PowerPoint presentations into 3D spaces and use it for presenting the data in the most appealing 3D form.
D Realtime Collaboration3D Realtime Collaboration
3D Realtime Collaboration environment is a centralized service as well as client software to bring your collaborative actions into 3D space. You can operate via avatars, use VoIP, share documents and web pages. All in the same 3D space. Collaborate and act securely in your own 3D Internet environment.